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Exterior (6)
Replace turn signal lights submitted by: Steelhead signal1
Remove front skidplate submitted by: Joel_CA skidplate
Remove headlight reflectors submitted by: 03MSKING reflector9
Chrome grill submitted by: s1ckdrag0ns grill5
Replace headlight bulb submitted by: skidplate98 headlight
Replace automatic antenna submitted by: Glenn antenna4
Interior (3)
Keyless programming submitted by: Pete keyless
Install white-face gauge submitted by: s1ckdrag0ns gauge
Replace A/C switch LED submitted by: D.J. Hatfield switch4
Suspension / Brake (4)
Replace shocks submitted by: dandunham shock7
Install brake controller submitted by: ericjmess prodigydash
Replace brake parts submitted by: AidanK rotor16
Replace upper & lower ball joints submitted by: monty98 joints20
Performance / Engine (13)
Install Rancho steering stabilizer submitted by: dandunham steerfull
Replace spark plug submitted by: s1ckdrag0ns spark21
Oil change submitted by: Mattdogg02 oil8
Front differential oil change submitted by: Mattdogg02 frontdiff4
Rear differential oil change submitted by: Mattdogg02 reardiff3
Transfer case oil change submitted by: Mattdogg02 tcase3
Replace fuel filter submitted by: Mattdogg02 fuelfilter1
Remove steering, a/c, & acc belts submitted by: Mike Selfridge belts1
Replace timing belt & water pump submitted by: Buggzyy timing1
Replace timing belt submitted by: Ozms
Idle diagnosis submitted by: Buggzyy
Replace timing belt submitted by: Buggzyy
Replace spark plug (’02 Montero) submitted by: Buggzyy
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