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Forum upgraded to Version 5


The Montero Sport Online Forum has been upgraded to Version 5. It has a number of new features, including a new and improved search function. Also, a new RSS feed has been added to the side links for the latest forum topics.

Pajero Sport from Iceland


Here is a photo submitted by one of our members of a Pajero Sport from Iceland. The only thing mentioned in the email is that it has 38″ tires. More pictures are available in the Gallery (pages 2-3) and the Forum. Also, new pictures have been added that were submitted by other members.

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Time for new brake parts

Brake install

The caliper was totally seized up and the inside brake pad was gone. The result was a ruined rotor. Time to get busy with a total replacement. – AidanK

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Timing belt replacement by Buggzyy

Our very own moderator Buggzyy (Jason) created this video a while back to help assist members with replacing the timing belt on a Montero Sport. This video will be added to the DIY page along with some new ones shortly.

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Montero Sport Online is back!

Version 2.0 is now live and fully functional.  Please note that the site has moved from .com to .net.  Check out the new, easy to browse gallery and submit your pictures to be added.  The DIY page has been updated for easier reading.  And of course, the forum is still growing and is nearing 6,000 members.  To our loyal enthusiasts, thank you for your patience and support.

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